The Importance Of A Daily Routine For Those With Dementia

by | Oct 4, 2019

When caring for a loved one with dementia, even the simplest of tasks can be challenging. You must be patient and understanding. Getting angry or upset will only worsen the situation.

What will be helpful is for you is to create an environment that provides order and consistency to your loved one’s day. Because they can be easily confused, it’s important to keep a steady calendar of activities each day.

Try to structure your days so that meals, baths and other activities are done the same time and in the same order each day. Keeping the house clean and clutter free will help them.

Mealtime is an important time for your loved one, and it can offer extra challenges if they have Alzheimer’s. They may forget how to use their eating utensils and some even need to be reminded to chew and swallow. They can also become easily distracted, making mealtime a real chore to complete.

Sometimes finger foods may be the easiest for them to eat. When preparing meals, it can be helpful to serve them on white plates or bowls, so that there is good contrast in the food they eat. Patterned plates may make it more difficult for them to see the food they are eating.

When serving fluids, avoid using easy tilt cups and pour them only half full. If spilling is an ongoing problem then you might want to use cups with spill proof lids.

Never rush them during mealtime. If it’s clear they are too distracted to eat, then you may want to allow them a break and try again later. If they are struggling with eating their meals or skip them, it’s important to ask their doctor for guidance.

Sleeping can be difficult for those who have Alzheimer’s. They may keep getting out of bed, even though they are tired. Try to create a relaxing environment for them in the bedroom. You can play soft music and dim the lights. If there are others in the home, encourage them to be quiet as much as possible.

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